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Prepared to Leave The Comfort Zone

April 25, 2010

Comfort Zone
A comfort zone is a situation where we've felt comfortable and safe in everyday life, in this situation you feel that your career has been well established and have a clear future for the next job up the ladder. Or maybe also in terms of your income already feel secure when it is a guarantee you will definitely receive the income that can be predicted earlier. Habits in a comfort zone will eventually lead to boundaries, something outside this zone will look very risky thing to do.

Do you already feel a comfortable zone where your life as if it was assured by your current position? A fixed income, there is health insurance for you and your family and have 9 to 5 working time. With the above circumstances you will be able to predict how much spending and how that can be saved from your income.

Are you ready to leave your comfort zone? Ready to race with time to reach your own revenue targets? Ready for you to receive an unlimited income?

Prepared to leave the comfort zone
Every decision we make must contain the risk, the risk of failure and the risk of success. Of course we do not want to gamble with our lives and families at stake. By calculating the risk that you certainly can be measured also the ability to deal with, do not take risks that are too high is a wise thing. Want to stay in a comfort zone or not depends on your own personal risk level concerns that you may encounter.

To leave a job that provides income to provide for the family would have to be calculated carefully. What is the minimum needs that must be fulfilled for the cost of your meal, pay the electric bill, water and telephone bills, children's schooling, medical expenses and other costs that are usually issued regularly every month. A family, for example, needs a minimum of 5 million rupiah per month, meaning I have to have reserves of at least 6 months x 5 million rupiah in preparation for leaving the current job. That preparation funds are to keep family life running smoothly in times of transition.

The above is the preparation of financial terms, there's more preparation in terms of mentality. Maybe you already have a position in the office and have a subordinate, if it means leaving the state must be ready to do everything yourself at first. Or maybe the company where you work is the top and famous companies in which the possibility of not working there anymore after you feel your pride a little down.

Leave your comfort zone to become an entrepreneur
I arrived on the purpose of this writing, I hope not to get bored first. Leave your comfort zone is what I mean of course change the status of the employee to be an entrepreneur, if you just move from one job to another job rather than leave your comfort zone. Being an entrepreneur in the beginning of course face many obstacles, both technical and financial efforts. Preparation of funds, as I wrote the above is the preparation for when your business on the early months not making a profit to support your family.

In terms of mental, as a self-employed status is not lower than the status of the employee alone so no need to fall in prestige. Obviously entrepreneurs who really run the business not only as an alibi.

Richard Cantillon, the first person to use the term entrepreneur in the early 18th century, said that the entrepreneur is someone who bears the risks. As an entrepreneur will always try to take the risk of a moderate, not too high nor too low, and also does not make decisions based on mere speculation but it was carefully calculated. So before you leave a comfort zone must have considered all the risks and have mitigation plans.

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